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HBase response times

HBase response times There are several causes to latency in HBase: Normal network round-trip time (RTT), internal or external to the Hadoop cluster, order of ms Disk read and write time, order of ms Client retries due to moved regions of splits, order of s; HBase can move a region if it considers that the […]

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HBase on low memory cluster

How to configure HBase on low memory cluster Reduce the number of regions per server Before getting into math, let’s recall briefly what the memstore is in HBase. The memstore holds in-memory modifications to the Store before it is flushed to the Store as HFile, in other words the data that are coming in are […]

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Optimizing Hive queries

Tips for efficient Hive queries Hive on Hadoop is a great data processing tool which is easy to use given its SQL-like syntax. Some tips to optimize Hive queries are described in this article. Typically there are 3 areas where you can optimize you Hive queries: data layout (partitions, buckets) data sampling data processing (map […]

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Successfully passed Coursera course

Successfully passed the course Coursera developing data products 2015

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