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Storm vs Spark

Real time data processing: Storm vs Spark Real time data processing has been made possible with tools like Storm or Spark streaming (both top-level project from Apache). You may wonder which one to choose. There are several things you should consider: scale latency iterative processing use what you know code reuse other language compatibility maturity […]

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HBase or Impala over HBase ?

Why choose Impala over HBase instead of simply using HBase ? You data are stored in HBase but you would like to use SQL requests and this is not possible as such with HBase, or you want to join data from a HBase table with data from a MySQL table. One solution is to use […]

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HBase, Parquet or Avro ?

How to choose between HBase, Parquet and Avro ? First, if you need to update your data, go with HBase. If part of the data should be updated and the other part not, then you may think of a hybrid solution. With HBase you can keep old version of a “cell”. Moreover, you can use […]

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Scala vs Python

Scala vs python If you are wondering whether you’d better learn Scala or Python… or both, you might want to read this. Scala is a statically typed language, which means that the type of the variable is known at compile time (the programmer must specify what type each variable is). Python on the contrary is […]

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