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Python to build contracts and interact with Ethereum Blockchain

To get started with Python to build contracts and interact with Ethereum Blockchain I started some Github repo. The application is a simple voting application, which makes the contract very simple since it boils down to incrementing the number of votes for each candidate and being able to retrieve that number.

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Apache Atlas client for Python

I created an Apache Atlas client for Python. It should make your life easier for data governance 😉 Package ‘atlasclient’ available on pypi: `pip install atlasclient`. Doc available on .

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When relational databases are not good enough

Often relational databases will be a good fit for your data, especially if the data are well defined in advance and the structure is not expected to change much. Everything goes fine until your data volumes becomes too large. Then it is time to think of another solution, a NoSQL solution such as HBase, Cassandra, […]

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Spark streaming: simple example streaming data from HDFS

This is a little example how to count words from incoming files that are stored in HDFS. Note that Spark streaming can read data from HDFS but also from Flume, Kafka, Twitter and ZeroMQ. For our example, the virtual machine (VM) from Cloudera was used (CDH5.3). From the command line, let’s open the spark shell […]

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